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What Should a Realtor Do When a Buyer's Mortgage Is Approved from an Online Source

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Benefits of local vs online mortgage lenders

More and more home buyers these days have their mortgages approved from online sources. Let's say you are a real estate agent and your buyer comes to you saying his or her mortgage is approved from an online sources. What do you tell them as a Realtor? Do you suggest they get approved again locally?

Predictions and Forecast of Current Mortgage Rates by Realtors

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Current mortgage rates prediction forecast by realtors

As current mortgage rates are at amazing historical low levels I wanted to understand what is the confidence level among the real estate agents and what they forecast about current mortgage rates. Here are some predictions by fellow realtors, whom I asked by posting a question in Active Rain.

TRID: How The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Works

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TRID Mortgage Disclosure Form

I recently attended a seminar regarding TRID. That is the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure. The basic premise is that the home buyer, now known as the Consumer, should “Know before you Owe.” The consumer has the opportunity to view the Loan Estimate (previously the Good Faith Estimate) before formally applying with a particular institution and paying an application fee. Ideally the consumer will have more opportunity to compare banks.

Who Will Feel The Small Hike of Mortgage Rate More Than Others

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Lower Mortgage Rates and Application

For the past year everyone has been speculating on rising mortgage rates! Economists have danced around the subject because there has been no clear direction as to when interest rates are going to increase. Even now as we are well into the fourth quarter of 2015 still no rate hikes.


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